Program Learning Outcomes

Community Studies identifies eight Program Learning Outcomes (PLOs) that together capture exciting cross currents within the major. The PLOs combine classroom and experiential learning related to the social justice domains of health and economic inequality.  They also enumerate expectations for student achievement in social science research and writing, as well as communication skills within a diverse society.





Community Studies Bachelor of Arts Degree Program Learning Outcomes

Critical Thinking

Students earning a B.A. in Community Studies will be able to:

1.  Demonstrate deep knowledge of the history, causes, and contemporary manifestations of specific social justice issues related to health         and economic inequality.

2.  Deconstruct institutional power residing in private enterprise, government, the media and/or the non-profit sector. 

3.  Analyze how communities attempt to overcome problems associated with inequality, cultural stigma, prejudice and discrimination. 

4.  Articulate research questions, methods and findings appropriate to social science inquiry.

5.  Demonstrate analytical writing ability that effectively integrates theoretical and experiential knowledge about social justice.

Community Engagement

Students earning a B.A. in Community Studies will be able to:

6.  Identify, analyze and help to construct strategies for social change through participation in the social justice work of an organization. 

7.  Exhibit ethnographic observation skills by maintaining a regular record of detailed field notes.

8.  Demonstrate effective communication with the diverse constituencies involved in social justice work.