In preparation for graduation, it is advised that students do the following:

  • Review your academic progress in MyUCSC early in your senior year to ensure that you are on track to fulfill all requirements for graduation. Contact your College Academic Advisor if you have questions about GEs, units, or other university requirements. Or contact the Community Studies Program Advisor if you have any questions or concerns about Community Studies requirements.
  • Review your Academic Advisement Report (AAR) often. Community Studies major graduation checks are completed based on the information in the student's AAR. If you see an error on the report for the CMMU requirements, please inform the Community Studies Program Advisor. If a CMMU requirement is listed as "not satisfied" in the AAR at the time of graduation checks, then your graduation may be delayed or denied. It is very important that you ensure your AAR is up-to-date and accurate.
  • Apply for graduation in your final quarter. For most students this can be done via MyUCSC. See the office of registrar's website for more information about graduation requirements, and the Academic Calendar for important deadlines.
  • Complete steps with your college, by their posted deadlines, if you intend to participate in their commencement ceremony.
  • The Community Studies Program does not have a separate commencement, however, we do typically have an end of year celebration at the end of Spring instruction for graduating students and students in the capstone.

For additional information on graduation please visit the Office of Registrar's graduation Frequently Asked Questions