Support Community Studies

Our Mission

As a national pioneer in the field of experiential education, we promote civic engagement by addressing principles of social justice, specifically inequities arising from race, class, and gender dynamics in society at large, and in critically assessing strategies for achieving social change - in the classroom and out in the world. 

Our Goal

Supporting student fieldwork, the linchpin of our program, is our primary goal and core commitment. With rising costs in tuition, travel, and cost-of-living year after year, we are committed to ensuring that a major in Community Studies isn't out of reach for any student at UC Santa Cruz. For that reason, we grant field study scholarships to as many Community Studies students as possible as they embark on their full-time, six-month field studies. 

You Can Help

A gift to fund the Field Study Scholarship of the UC Santa Cruz Community Studies Program will help ensure the future of our program, supporting our students and the communities they serve.