CMMU'17 Alumni named adviser for EnviroSlug!

March 05, 2018


Thank you to Angela Harris who has been serving in this role and for providing the following kind words regarding the new appointment:

With great enthusiasm, we welcome and congratulate CMMU '17 Alumni Madeleine Keller in taking up the role of staff adviser for the Student Environmental Center, Education for Sustainable Living Program, and Campus Sustainability Council (a.k.a. "Enviroslug"). 

Madeleine originally hails from the Santa Cruz Mountains. She has worked as a freelance writer & researcher focused on justice and social change. She also has experience working as a community organizer in rural Missouri, where she collaborated with community members and youth on projects to address rural poverty and domestic violence. As an undergraduate, she worked with Education for Sustainable Living Program, Take Back the Tap, Kresge Multicultural Education Committee, and several other student organizations. She received her B.A. in Community Studies and Education from UCSC.

Her first day on the job was Monday, March 5th!