Community Studies Deans' and Chancellor's Award Recipients


Kagan, Daniel - New Media & Communication Paradigms: Intersections of Social and Technological Progress


Scharf, Rio - Drinking the Kool-Aid: How Race, Gender, and the NPIC Create a Recipe for Low Accountability


Day, Eric – AIDS As Golden Ticket? – Incentivized Seropositivity and the Negotiation of the Urban Landscape of Homelessness in San Francisco

Kennedy, Brynn – Creating Community in the Tenderloin: Challenging Stigmatization, Preserving Affordable Housing, and Promoting Empowerment in San Francisco’s SRO Hotel Population


Moyer, Jaclyn – A New Frontier: An Exploration of the Relationship Between Environmental Degradation and Social Injustice in Alaska


Lok, Libby – Low Family Roots: 19th century Chinese American Experience in Idaho City

*Osterweil, Sharon - Psychiatric Recovery, Rights, and Justice


Lee, Caroline – Housing is a Right! An Examination of the San Francisco Subsidized Housing Crisis

McPherson, Todd – “Like Rain from the Sky” Fair Trade Certification and Neocolonial Power Relations


Ramirez, Lucio – Tribal Communalism

Simon, Kaylie – Educational Access – Multilayered Problem Requiring Multilayered Solutions


Fajardo, Marc  - Our Raconteurs

Mofidi, Mandana – Utilizing Journalism as a Form of Activism to Counter Popular Culture: An Introduction to the Audio Documentary “Materializing Revolutionary Icons”


*Krochmal, Max - Sculpting Transnational Unionism – Building a Democratic Labor Movement in Ecuador’s Banana Fields

Kuluk, Evan – Young Adults’ Access to Health Care: Identifying Need and Advocating for Improvement


Schuett-Hames, Robin – Re-inventing the Wheel: Alternative Monetary Systems in Scotland and Argentina


Kisler, Kim – Hear Us Roar: A Young Woman’s Guide to Sexual Survival

Swift, Carolyn – Time Exposure: Photographing Santa Cruz 1939-1969 


*Inouye, Janel - Plowing Ahead: Working Social Concerns into the Roots of the Sustainable Agriculture Movement


*Desouky, Eman - After the Last Sky: Racism Against Arabs and the Palestinian Struggle for Justice

*Salvador, Melina - Un Granito de Arena


   *Chancellor’s Award Recipient

**Steck Award Recipient