December 16, 2022

In recognition of her globally significant research accomplishments, Community Studies Professor Julie Guthman has received the prestigious Martin Chemers Award for Outstanding Research in UCSC's Social Science Division. Professor Guthman is perhaps best known for her path breaking scholarship on the political economy of organic agriculture in the book Agrarian Dreams. She followed the thread of exploding myths about alternative food movements with a veritable cornucopia of highly influential articles and collaborations that included engaging in the then-raging debate over obesity with her book Weighing In. Guthman then turned her attention to the myriad promises and pitfalls of technological inventions in agriculture, publishing the book Wilted about the fruitless search for a chemical fix in strawberry cultivation. In her current research and writing, Guthman is continuing and expanding upon her potent critique of ag tech with a new book about "solutionism" in the growing fields-- and society writ large.
Community Studies is proud to congratulate Professor Julie Guthman for receiving campus recognition of her many interdisciplinary contributions to the world of ideas in social science scholarship.