Lower Division Background Courses

These courses can enhance or provide useful background for the Community Studies major. Make sure to confirm any GE designation via the schedule of classes which will provide the most current information. Note that specific college courses (CLEI, COL 10, COWELL, KRES, OAKES, STEV) may only be open to students from that college. Course offerings subject to change; please check Schedule of Classes to verify course offering and identify other similar courses you may be interested in. 

Course #
Course Name
GE Designation
CRSN Justice on Earth (3 credits)
CMMU 30 Numbers and Social Justice SR
COL 10 85 Social Justice Issues Workshop (2 credits)
COL 10 92 Social Justice Issues Colloquium (1 Credit)
COWELL 64 Social Justice: Issues and Debates (2 Credits) (for Cowell students only - follow-up to core course)
CRES 10 Critical Race and Ethnic Studies: An Introduction ER
BIOL 80N Biology of Human Health and Nutrition SI, T-2
BIOL 80P Infectious Diseases and Human Populations SI, T-2
ECON 30 Introduction of Entrepreneurship
EDUC 60 Introduction to Education: Learning, Schooling, and Society IS, E
FMST 1 Feminist Studies: An Introduction CC, IH
FMST 10 Feminisms of/and of the Global South CC, T5, E
FMST 11 War in Film and Culture IM, T5
FMST 20 Feminism and Social Justice ER, T5
FMST 21 Religion in American Politics and Culture IM
FMST 30 Feminism and Science PE-T, T5
FMST 40 Sexuality and Globalization CC, T5
FMST 41 Trans Gender Bodies
HIST 9 Introduction to Native American Studies ER
HIST 10A US History to 1877 ER, IH
HIST 10B US History 1877-1977 ER, IH
HIST 11A Latin America: Colonial Period CC, IH, E
HIST 11B Latin America: National Period CC, IH, E
HIST 14 Race and Ethnicity in the US ER, IH, E
HIST 80N Gender, Labor, and Feminist Productions CC, T4
HIST 80X Civil Rights Movement: Grassroots Change and American Society ER, T3, E
HAVC 46 Introduction to U.S. Art and Visual Culture IM
HISC 80C Social Movements of the 1930s and 1960s in the U.S. T5
HISC 80H Marxism T4
HISC 80J Social Movements in the U.S. T5
HISC 80L Queer Theory CC
KRES 16 The Rise of Caitalism and Its Consequences (Restricted to Kresge, Cowell or Crown honors students) TA
KRES 60 Prison Narratives
KRES 75 Sustainable Food Systems
LALS 1 Introduction to Latin American and Latino Studies ER, IS, E
LALS 20 Latino Politics ER
LALS 30 Social Movements in Latin America CC, T3, E
LALS 40 Latinos, Work, and Organizing ER, T3, E
LALS 45 Race, Class, and Gender ER, T3, E
LALS 50 Transnational Feminist Organizing in the Americas CC
LALS 80D Political Change in Mexico CC, T3, E
LALS 80F Latinos in the U.S.: A Comparative Perspective ER, TE, E
LALS 80P Energy, Society and Environment in Latin America PE-E, T3, 3
LALS 80R Organizing Across the Americas T3, E
LALS 80S Sexualities and Genders in Latin American and Latina/o Studies CC, T3, E
LALS 80X Central American Peoples and Cultures CC. T5, E
LIT 61R Race in Literature ER, IH, E
LIT 80N Latino Expressions in the U.S. ER, T4, E
OAKES 67 The Politics of Food: Labor and Social Justice (Oakes students only)
PHIL 24 Introduction to Ethics: Contemporary Mural Issues PE-H, IH
POLI 1 Politics: Power, Principle, Process, and Policy PE-H, IS
POLI 4 Citizenship and Action TA, IS
POLI 15 Digital Democracy PE-T, IS
POLI 20 American Politics TA, IS
POLI 25 American Social Policy TA, IS
SOCY 10 Issues and Problems in American Society IS
STEV 33 Self and Society Examined Through Ethical Dilemmas